About Us 

The Bunkhouse is a staple of the Orchard Greens facility, serving as a break between sets, or a relaxing finale to your golfing experience. The menu is easily accessable online, and we would suggest checking out their Specials to get some great deals on your meals. Begin your day enjoying an excellent breakfast. Both sweet and savoury options, like Eggs Benedict or French Toast, await to charge your body for the game ahead. Or sit for a light refreshing lunch, possibly our Chef’s Salad or Smoked Turkey Clubhouse Sandwich, with an early beer after your first 9 holes, recharging for your second round. We look forward to seeing you at the end of your game, where there is hearty food to replenish your energy and go over your score cards. Finger licking Bunkhouse BBQ Ribs await, or indulge in our Avalanche Meatloaf with crispy onion strings.

We are a family friendly restaurant uniquely encircled by the apple trees and the fairways of Orchard Greens Golf Course. Originally built in 1929 as a truck shed and horse barn for the orchard, and later re-built as a living quarters for the workers. In the early 1990’s the Turton family transformed and created what is now the charming BunkHouse Bar & Grill.

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